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New feature of whatsapp that’s knownas whatsapp payment so what does this feature all about how do you guys use ithow do you set up whatsapp payments how do you get this feature all thesedetails are going to be covered in this particular video guys so guys withoutwasting any bit of time let’s get started Alright guys whatsapp iscurrently rolling out the new feature or the new update and a few of the usersaround India whatsapp has 250 million users in India and all of those userswill be getting this update in the upcoming few weeks but if you know anyof your friend who has this feature already then you can just ask him or askthem to do a transaction with you the transaction will fail but eventually youwill get whatsapp payment option on your whatsapp so guys once you get watch apayment option what you need to do is go ahead and launch whatsapp applicationonce you’re on the whatsapp tap on settings icon and over here at the bottom youwill see payment option go ahead and tap on that option so guys when you aresetting this up you need to add a new account so Go ahead and tap over there and one morething guys you need to make sure is that whatsapp number that you are usingshould be the same number that is being linked or that should be the registerednumber of your bank account – so verify via sms, you need to send thisparticular code to this particular number this is to ensure the safetyreasons so that they can go ahead and prevent hacking and other stuffs likethis send this message wait for a while and now you need to select your bankaccount I have a bank with access mine so I’ll select that like whichever bankyou have you can just go ahead and select that option alright so guys hereyou can see is that select the bank account to add already so from thenumber that we had send over there with X’s Bank a turtle ooh did a quick searchand it automatically pulled out the details of my account registered withaccess bank so I didn’t have to enter particularly the details and fromsending just that text message automatically I get this account numberover here so I just need to tap on this number let it do its process and waitfor a while to complete the process so UPI setup complete now can go aheadand send payments to what sir so guys this was the quick and the easysetup process that you have to do in order to go ahead and use whatsapppayments and now once the process is being doneon done and that said the account has been linked what is the guy’s once thecenter process has been completed now let’s go ahead and see how we can goahead and do transaction or like sin or receive money over whatsapp go on thechat section tap to draw a news chat and over your search for the portion or likeopen the chat of the person whom you would like to send money so once youopen the portal chat of that particular person whom you have to send the moneytap on the plus icon over here and over here the last option that you get ispayment upon the payment option it says loading let it load and we’re at the topyou will get the information that says to take whom you are paying the moneytools and name of that particular contact using my access bank account andlast four digits of my bank account are displayed over here just for aconfirmation which account is being used for doing this transaction for sampleover here to just show you guys I will be sending one rupee and I can also runa notes over here at the bottom for like why am i sending money to thatparticular person so in future if I check this transaction again I get toknow why exactly I paid this for so I just send over here and now guys onceyou tap on send you need to enter your UPI pin code this is a six digitsecurity code without which any UPI transaction cannot be completed so justgo ahead and enter your UPI pin code and once you enter your code just go aheadand tap on submit and yeah it says processing yet the money has not willsend successfully it says processing and now you see why I just converted into agreen blank P I can in green it means that the transaction has been completedsuccessfully and your account has been debited and the other person account hasbeen credited so this is exactly how whatsapp payment works wise and alsothere is an option like if you have to send money in group so let me just showthat go ahead and select any of the groups that you have over your four incase I will be selecting this particular group and you have to send money to agroup how do you do that now for the plus icon again tap on payments andselect the person whom you have to pay the moneyenter the amount over here again this is just one rupee for the trial transactionand you’re also the interface is the same so in the two section you get toknow whom you’re paying using access bank account like the your bank accountand the last four digits for confirmation enter the amount and thenenter the notes like why you’re paying that person hits send again now you needyour entire the UPI pin-code as I told you earlierany transaction can not be completed without the UPI pin so just go ahead andenter your UPI pin code once you enter your PIN go ahead and tap on submit andlike let it do its process and the transaction will get completed over youagain you see guys it’s processing so that if you see the rupee icon is againin green which means the transaction has been completed your account is debitedand the other person in the account of the receivers account has been creditedwhat also guys that’s about it for this video and this video was on entire sumof about what’s a payments what all you needed to know the information that heneeded how you set up what’s a payment and finally how do you use what’s apayment so I am pretty sure that you enjoy this video if isn’t beautiful togive a thumbs up to this video also guys make sure that you subscribe to iyx blogthe subscribe button is down right there and also beside the subscribe buttonthere is a bell I can go ahead and tap on the bell icon so 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